# Exploit Title: WordPress CP Polls 1.0.8 - Cross-site file upload & persistent XSS # Date: 2016-02-22 # Google Dork: Index of /wp-content/plugins/cp-polls/ # Exploit Author: Joaquin Ramirez Martinez [ i0akiN SEC-LABORATORY ] # Plugin URI: http://wordpress.dwbooster.com/forms/cp-polls # Version: 1.0.8 ============= Description ============= With **CP Polls** you can publish a poll into a page/post and optionally display statistics of the results. You can receive email notifications every time a vote is added or opt to receive Excel reports periodically. The Polls can have dependant questions, this means that some questions are displayed depending of the selection made on other questions. (copy of README.txt) =================== Technical details =================== CP Polls plugin for wordpress is prone to persistent XSS via cross-site file upload. When we register an cp_poll, it is sanitized correctly but when we upload a CSV file, we can bypass the protection and inject malicious HTML/Javascript. There are not CSRF protection in that action so it can be exploited with a CSRF attack by sending a malicious link to a victim (administrator) a wait for execution of the malicious request. ========================= Proof of Concept (html) =========================
========== CREDITS ========== Vulnerability discovered by: Joaquin Ramirez Martinez [i0 security-lab] joaquin.ramirez.mtz.lab[at]gmail[dot]com https://www.facebook.com/I0-security-lab-524954460988147/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe1Ex2Y0wD71I_cet-Wsu7Q ======== TIMELINE ======== 2016-02-10 vulnerability discovered 2016-02-22 reported to vendor 2016-03-01 released cp polls v1.0.9 2016-03-01 public disclousure