[+] Author: TUNISIAN CYBER [+] Exploit Title: Comtrend CT 5361T Multiple Vulnerabilities [+] Date: 21-04-2014 [+] Category: WebApp [+] CVE:CVE-2014-2923 CVE-2014-2924 [+] Tested on: Windows 7 Pro [+] Vendor: http://www.comtrend.com/ [+] Product: http://www.comtrend.com/cgi-bin/na/db-searchn.cgi?template=proview1.htm&dbname=product&key2=32&action=searchdbdisplay [+] Friendly Sites: na3il.com,th3-creative.com 1.OVERVIEW: WiFi router Comtrend CT 5361T suffers from a Cross Site Request Forgery (change passwd) and Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability 2.Version: CT 5361T (more likely CT CT 536X) Software Version: A111-312SSG-T02_R01 Wireless Driver Version: 3.Background: The CT-5361T is an 802.11g (54Mbps) Wireless and Wired ADSL2+ router. Four 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports and an optional USB port and an integrated 802.11g WiFi WLAN Access Point (AP) provide with wired LAN connectivity and wireless connectivity separately. The CT-5361T ADSL2+ router also provides for state of the art security features such as WPA data encryption, Firewall and VPN pass through. The CT-5361T is designed for both residential and business applications that require wireless and wired connectivity to an ADSL broadband network. The CT-5361T supports up to 16 contiguous virtual connections allowing for multiple simultaneous Internet connections. The CT-5361T is also designed with TR-068 compliant color panel and LED indicators, which eases the installation of the modem and makes it more user-friendly. 4.Proof Of Concept: CSRF
Then Login as root with your new pwd. XSS: http://i.imgur.com/plXXpJU.png 5.Solution(s): NOT FIXED 6.TIME-LINE: 16-04-2014: Vulnerability was discovered. 16-04-2014: Contact with vendor and ISP. 17-04-2014: No Reply. 18-04-2014: No Reply. 18-04-2014: ANOTHER contact with vendor and ISP. 19-04-2014: No Reply. 20-04-2014: No Reply. 20-04-2014: CVE(s) Requested. 21-04-2014: CVE assigned. 21-04-2014: Vulnerability published. 7.Greetings: Xmax-tn Xtech-set N43il Sec4ver,E4A Members