# Exploit Title: e107 v1.0.1 Administrator CSRF Resulting in Arbitrary Javascript Execution # Google Dork: intext:"This site is powered by e107" # Date: 01/01/13 # Exploit Author: Joshua Reynolds # Vendor Homepage: http://e107.org # Software Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/e107/files/e107/e107%20v1.0.1/e107_1.0.1_full.tar.gz/download # Version: 1.0.1 # Tested on: BT5R1 - Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS # CVE: CVE-2012-6433 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Description: A Cross-Site Request Forgery vulnerability exists in the /e107_admin/newspost.php?create function, in which an attacker can create a malicious POST request that could be sent by a logged in e107 Administrator (upon visiting a malicious site using an iFrame known as a drive-by attack, or other means). This is possible since e-tokens or any other request validation is not used during this type of request. The severity of this vulnerability increases when the Administrator has the ability to post News Items containing javascript. This results in an attacker having the ability to force an administrator to post any arbitrary javascript to the front page of the e107 site. Also, once posted, the resulting page: /e107/e107_admin/newspost.php displays the new content to the Administrator, and if this javascript is set in the news_title POST parameter, it is executed on this page in the context of the Administrator. This results in the ability for an attacker to use any type of javascript attack at this point in time on the Administrator through the backend news items, and/or on the front end to any logged in user that may visit this page. What naturally comes to mind is session hijacking through established User/Administrator cookies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Exploit:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fix: The bug has been fixed in the following revision: r12992 Upgrade to v1.0.2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shout outs: Red Hat Security Team, Ms. Umer, Dr. Wu, Tim Williams, friends, & family. Contact: Mail: infosec4breakfast@gmail.com Blog: infosec4breakfast.com Twitter: @jershmagersh Youtube: youtube.com/user/infosec4breakfast