Title: ====== PG Dating Pro v1.0 CMS - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities Date: ===== 2012-10-29 References: =========== http://www.vulnerability-lab.com/get_content.php?id=736 VL-ID: ===== 736 Common Vulnerability Scoring System: ==================================== 8.5 Introduction: ============= Professional online dating script is a basis for a successful online dating, community and personals business. Dating Pro is readymade PHP online dating software for everyone. Our dating web site software can be used to create your own dating, personals, social dating, adult & matrimonial sites. Flexible source codes and fully equipped dating software package makes a vivid site for your community. Get the best from dating software industry – we are constantly reviewing latest trends, online dating news & innovations in online dating industry to implement them into our dating script. We listen to what our customers and non-customers say. We provide regular updates for dating website software to make your business prosperous! Get stuff done quickly – we provide free installation, free support, manuals and videos on how to manage your site more effectively! Own & promote your brand instantly. Personalize user profiles & site texts, adjust design styles & upload your own logo, change copyrights, add your SEO meta tags. Use hosting and customization services any time you need them. We know that you have great ideas and don’t have time to deal with coding and setup. You don’t need to. Our customization & hosting teams do their best to satisfy your needs. Find everything in one package. Users online are very selective. You need to look & feel like a reputable dating site from the start. The package has options your users would expect: Chats, P2P messenger, messages, kisses, memberships, searches, profiles, ratings, galleries, forum, blogs, groups, events… you name it. Mind your budget & requirements. Check different pricing schemes. Choose the right one among our `all modules`, `open source , `multi-license`, `partial payments` and “all inclusive` offers. It’s not about money. Your satisfaction is our main goal! It’s pleasure for us to serve your business! Try PG Dating Pro today! Abstract: ========= The Vulnerability Laboratory Research Team discovered multiple Web Vulnerabilities in PG Dating Pro v1.0 CMS. Report-Timeline: ================ 2012-10-29: Public Disclosure Status: ======== Published Exploitation-Technique: ======================= Remote Severity: ========= Critical Details: ======== 1.1 A remote SQL Injection vulnerability is detected in the PG Dating Pro v1.0 CMS, turnkey PHP dating software to start internet dating service. The vulnerability allows an attacker (remote) or local low privileged user account to execute a SQL commands on the affected application dbms. The sql injection vulnerability is located in events.php file with the bound vulnerable id_event parameter. Successful exploitation of the vulnerability results in dbms & application compromise. Exploitation requires no user interaction & without privileged user account. Vulnerable File(s): [+] events.php Vulnerable Module(s): [+] edit_event Vulnerable Parameter(s): [+] id_event 1.2 Multiple persistent input validation vulnerabilities are detected in the PG Dating Pro v1.0 CMS, turnkey PHP dating software to start internet dating service. The bugs allow remote attackers to implement/inject own malicious script code on the application side (persistent). The persistent vulnerabilities are located in the shoutbox, edit questions modules with the bound vulnerable message and title. Successful exploitation of the vulnerability can lead to session hijacking (manager/admin) or stable (persistent) context manipulation. Exploitation requires low user inter action & privileged web application user account. Vulnerable Module(s): [+] Shoutbox [+] admin -> Questions & Answers Vulnerable Parameter(s): [+] the message we write in the shout box [+] title Proof of Concept: ================= 1.1 The SQL injection vulnerability can be exploited by remote attackers without user inter action. For demonstration or reproduce ... PoC: Proof of Concept: PG Dating Pro v1.0 CMS - Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability 1 When the admin or any user view anypage where the shoutbox is displayed the code gets executed. 1.2.2 If an attacker has admin rights he can inject all users by posting a question and editing it is title to have a malicious code, such as >"